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The DNA Lab reviews for July 09, 2014
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Spider-Man 2099 #1
Last we saw Miguel O'Harra come from the year 2099 to our present day to stop what would be his Grandfather from getting killed. Once that happened he was stranded here with no way of going back home. This first issue takes us to a day in the life of Spider-Man in 2099 as he has to stop a "time policemen/bounty hunter" from the future that's looking to eradicate him. The story and the pacing moved effortless, from the plot to the dialogue, though the one thing I could not stomach was the art and that's because it reminds me of the Ironman armored adventures show or that one Spider-Man show with Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Peter Parker. Writer Peter David did what no other Spider-Man writer since Joe Kelly had accomplished, his story made yours truly care for a Spider-Man book... For now.


The Walking Dead #129
Rick and Carl are getting ready to venture over to the hilltop, so this issue is mainly a couple pages of the two gathering supplies and saying there goodbyes to everyone, including Negan. At least Rick and Carl got to battle a walker horde that appeared on the main road due to a guard slacking off on his job (at least he knew what the reader wanted!) things DO get interesting when the new group discovers Negan in his prison cell, and with his manipulative persona you can already figure out what he said next. This issue was definitely one of the slower ones, but we need those every once and awhile, although the walker horde was a nice touch since that’s always much appreciated in a zombie apocalypse story. Also, it is agreed with one of the “Letter Hacks” that Rick and Carl officially look like hipster, I guess that’s a thing now?


Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #1
Part of the Original Sin tie-in, Thor experiences a vision of secrets from the Watcher’s eye and he becomes beyond surprised that there’s a tenth realm and more shocking to him, he has a sister! Thor immediately rushes back to Asgard to inform Freyja of what he witnessed and she informed him that he did in fact have a sister at one point, but she was killed as a baby followed by the reader getting warped into a heart aching flashback. Since Freyja seems to assume Thor is just delusional he then decides to seek out his brother Loki and they embark on a task of “breaking and entering” This tie in is pretty exiting thus far, so we approve! Good pacing and nice and smooth artwork. We cannot wait to see more of Angela (Neil Gaiman’s baby by the way!) This is going to be a magnificent tie-in!


Coffin Hill #9
In the past (2012) the Ice Fisher has kidnapped yet another victim, and Eve Coffin discovers she needs to go back to her old roots in order to solve this case because it really is the only way now, the good news is that they have narrowed a lot of the clues down and may have a lead on who or what the ice fisher is. In present time, Nate is seen “chatting” with an old high school mate and gets a surprise visit from his trashy brother Patrick, and things get hellish very quickly once the two start talking. Kittredge’s writing was strong and brilliant as usual and this arc looks like it’s picking up again, so we may have some interesting (and horrifying) things to look forward too very soon.


New Suicide Squad #1
Slight new team... Same old gimmick. The government decides since Amanda Waller can no longer be trusted with task force-x that some revisions must be made to the team in order to "spice things up" which basically brings in the likes of the self proclaimed Joker’s Daughter and Deathstroke, who pretty much make the roles of Harley Quinn and Deadshot practically obsolete, thus causing tension within the team and not a good thing since their mission consists of taking down the Russian headquarters for the ministry of foreign affairs while Black Manta has to find and steal any and all information in regards to any top secret Russian projects, everything goes well for the most part of course. One would think that for a new creative team as a part of DC's sudden creative shuffle and borderline desperate attempt to prove that they can reinvigorate their line once more without the need of re-launching titles back to #1 (oh wait) this issue like it was mentioned at the start is basically the exact same formula that was used before but with a slightly different team. So for those Suicide Squad fans out there, you have nothing to worry about. Just because it says #1 and the word NEW behind it does not make the contents of the book any different, it'll be like they never left.


Grayson #1
It's a “spy eat spy” world now for Grayson, and after having his identity exposed in front of the whole world and his life briefly taken away from him only to basically become a ghost in the eyes of the planet except a select few, he is now an agent of a secret organization that is even more covert than checkmate, spiral: a secret organization that made itself known to Batman in the pages of Batman Inc. whose former purpose was to neutralize meta humans, and now their new goal is to discover every secret identity of every masked vigilante or at least that's what they want the reader to know. Before Grayson left his life as part of the Bat-family behind he was tasked with keeping tabs on spiral, and finding out what they were all about. As far as we can tell it feels like your good old fashioned “super spy book” but what makes it different from other spy titles out there other than the fact that Grayson is part of the game now, is that it makes for interesting conflicts when you place a former superhero in a world of lies and deceit. He would have to either adapt or parish, and we all know that dying is not often an option in the bat family, but then again, he's no longer Nightwing. So to quote DC's new advertising and to sum things up... You think you know Nightwing, but you DON’T KNOW DICK!